A. Reana “Psychology of personality development. Average age, aging, death “

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  • A. Reana “Psychology of personality development. Average age, aging, death “

    • 20/11/2023

    A full -scale study created by the team of domestic psychologists is devoted to describing the main stages of human life, starting from 20 years and ending with old age.

    This is a new textbook for passing exams, which is primarily interesting and useful for students. But at the same time, and to all those who are looking for answers to the most relevant life questions: what changes in us over time, what are the priorities of twenty, forty and sixty-year-old people, whether our behavior corresponds to our physical age. The book shows how in different periods of life our attitude to such topics as marriage, the meaning of life, love, closeness, loneliness, aging, death change.


    Prime Europe, 384 from.

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